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 Volvo S40 T5 3" Performance Downpipe (AWD) with Catalytic Converter

Volvo S40 T5 3" Performance Downpipe (AWD) with Catalytic Converter

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The Elevate 3" Volvo S40 Turbo Downpipe is unequaled in performance, quality, and looks.  Our downpipe is a critical component in producing maximum power from your Volvo. A "downpipe" is the first element in your turbo charged vehicle's exhaust system and is the actual component that bolts to the exhaust side of the turbo housing.  Your turbo charger makes boost by an impeller being spun by spent exhaust gases being channeled past it.  With a reduction in backpressure via an increased volume of area for the turbo to breathe into, the turbo is able to spool much more rapidly and able to make more torque and horsepower and do so earlier in the power band while reducing heat at the turbo.
Our Downpipe is constructed of the finest materials, with all bends being truly mandrel bent, resulting in optimal flow because of a consistent inside diameter throughout.  Thick, machined flanges at both ends ensure proper sealing using factory gaskets (included). All components are T304 stainless steel for long life. We designed our Downpipe to be a direct replacement for the factory unit including mounting points for the heat shield and O2 sensor wire. All Oxygen sensor locations are retained for proper engine management.  Our flex section is double walled stainless steel with a stainless steel braid for further protection.  Our Downpipe can be used with either the stock exhaust system or an Elevate Performance Exhaust System. It is small details such as this that ensure you are getting the best engineered product on the market.
Both a factory downpipe and the Elevate Downpipe include a catalytic converter as part of the assembly.  The catalytic converter is a critical element in your vehicle's emissions system, and a properly designed and rated catalytic converter is critical to both optimal performance and legality.  Elevate uses the best flowing, 3-way catalytic converter on the market. The size (internal volume) of our catalytic converter is unequaled, with carefully tailored transitions in and out of the catalytic converter.  Many "performance" aftermarket catalytic converters are grossly undersized for the application, but claim big flow numbers.  This is a simply not true, as they actually create a restriction when compared to the flow of the factory catalytic converter.  Our converter is actually much larger in volume than the factory catalytic converter, which is unheard of until now on a performance downpipe.  Our catalytic converter is rated for a 7.4L engine on a 12,000lb vehicle, which translates to maximum flow and cleaning on your Volvo. Our catalytic converters are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved for 49 States (California is the exception).  Imported catalytic converters generally do not have EPA approval, which is a very important consideration when it comes time for vehicle inspections and/or resale of your vehicle.  No aftermarket catalytic converter is CARB (California Air Resource Board) approved for the Volvo T5 at the moment.
As an option, we offer a bright silver, polished ceramic coating of the exterior. The thick, high polished ceramic coating keeps heat in the Downpipe and moving out the exhaust pipe rather than radiating heat to surrounding components and protects the Downpipe for years to come.  The coating is proven to maintain its protective capabilities after several weeks of continuous exposure at 1000 degrees F (538 degrees C) and no evidence of corrosion after exposure to 5% salt spray for 1000 hours.  Ceramic coating is a $175.00 option.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about legality for your application and location.

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