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That is how it is done: More power, less fuel consumption

High expectations are being placed on modern diesel engines: High performance, high torque, low fuel consumption - especially for trucks. The secret is to inject the fuel under pressure in the right quantity at the right time. All that happens individually for each cylinder and instantaneously via solenoid valves of the injectors. And now we just hit the point where DTE tuning comes into play. By extending the injection times and optimizing the individual cylinder signals the performance of the Iveco Stralis grows from 460 HP to 515 HP. Likewise, the extra strength in torque should be mentioned: increasing from 2150 Nm to 2400 Nm. Important power reserves that can be activated at any time.

Iveco now with Power Control: Maintain twelfth gear

The DTE performance tuning can do even more: In addition to the reduced fuel consumption of the Iveco Stralis the tuning also reduces the number of performance-based gearshifts. The diesel engine runs more evenly over the entire life cycle in its optimum speed field. Hence, the DTE tuned Stralis completes a significantly larger proportion of driving in its twelfth gear.

DTE Injector-Tuning Power Control PDI

 Less gradient related circuits
Fewer interruptions in attractive power
Less consumption, more profit
Easy to install with original connectors
More traction and greater performance reserves

Power Control enables economically efficient driving in the lower speed range, thus ensuring an appreciable fuel savings. And to achieve this efficiency, the tuning system is matched to the vehicle's needs and the respective work assignment. This results in a high fuel economy because the engine always moves in the optimum speed range thanks to the precisely tuned additional control unit. Purposefully configured Power Control reduces consumption to a minimum without sacrificing efficiency.And also in compliance with the strict Euro 6 emissions standard.

  • Perfectly matched to the vehicle's needs and the respective work assignment
  • The engine works in an optimized and efficient speed range
  • Significant reduction in emissions
  • Appreciable consumption optimization through low speeds

DTE's Injector-Tuning

The advantage you can rely on!

The PDI and PDX PowerControl’s optimise engine performance by directly connecting to the engines fuel injection system, and in doing so, adjusts its injection cycle in real-time. Injector tuning was developed by DTE, especially for use in the truck, tractor and bakkie/SUV segment and is more advanced than our normal sensor tuning systems. With DTE’s PowerControl, fuel savings of 15% in trucks and tractors is not uncommon, but does depend on the vehicles mileage, age and the application for which it is used. Each PowerControl is individually tailored to suite not only the vehicles standard performance but also its working conditions. Each tuning solution is vigorously tested on our dyno’s under different load, temperature and altitude conditions, ensuring that they operate as well as they were intended to do.

DTE Injector-Tuning with Power Control PDI and PDX

Optimization of the engine's fuel injection cycle
› More torque for load-intensive tasks
› Less fuel means a better bottom line
› Tailored to each vehicle and its work profile
› Reaching cruising speeds, quicker and easier
› Fewer gear changes mean more power delivery on the road

How does Power Control work?

The Power Control is connected directly to the engines injectors to optimize performance. It does so by increasing the width of the main injection pulse of the injectors, as they inject fuel into each individual cylinder.

By precisely measuring the change in speed of the compression stroke of each individual cylinder, the Power Control is able to make real time injection changes, which results in higher torque and power figures.

Coupled with a vehicle specific tuning file, the Power Control will not only improve fuel efficiency but also help reduce CO2 emissions which results in shorter load intervals, and ultimately more miles per gallon.

Market Leader DTE systems Sensor- Injector Tuning with Power Control


The Power Control gets installed in the engine compartment and is connected to several main sensors which can include the intake manifold pressure sensor, the boost pressure sensor, the camshaft position sensor and even the fuel injection sensors.

The ECU transmits the standard signals to the engine, which is where the Power Control intercepts, interprets, processes, optimizes and then sends them on to the engine, all in real time.

 › Performance is immediately active and noticeable
The engine is more powerful and responsive
› Power delivery throughout the rev range
Perfectly suited to each individual vehicle
Electronic keypad with 3 different performance levels (only Cars with power control)
› Easy to install with a simple plug-in method

Reliability and safety with the latest technology from DTE
  • 2 year warranty on the engine, ECU and transmission
  • Tuning Box certifications for more than 3.300 vehicles
  • Quick and easy installation with detailed instructions
  • 30 day money-back guarantee, from date of receipt
  • All Performance upgrades are Dyno tested

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